MadHats Ate .....




› The Mad HatBox is at 2753 22nd Street, San Francisco, corner of Bryant st.
› MadHats Ate is on Saturday, January 20, 2007

› Doors open 8PM
To create a safe, late-night space, No Entry After 2 AM!

› Please donate $10 at the door.
› Bring a miniature toy for the sandtray room, if you feel inspired.

› Water, Juice and Fruit will be abundant.
› BYOB if you want alcohol, but please keep it to a minimum
› BYO sleeping bag and whatever else you need to stay the night!

› Please RSVP

› No entry without an Edible Hat!!!
› Be quiet and stealthful in the surrounding neighborhood

› All night parking ($) available at 23rd and Potrero (SF General lot)



Keep it intimate, keep it in the family!